Update: College Recruiting

What are you going to do with no practice or games being played and no recruiting going on?

Our Advice: Now is the perfect time for athletes to show off their 21st-century skills in social media, computers, and videos by becoming proactive and communicating directly with coaches and recruiters. This is the time to be searching NCAA D2 schools on ConnectLAX and share your profile and video with college coaches.

ConnectLAX is a terrific platform to communicate with college coaches and promote yourself before your summer club recruiting events. 
You can now create a new profile or sync your existing one. There is no fee. If you need assistance, contact ConnectLAX here


Coaches are still communicating with the top (grad year-appropriate) recruits via FaceTime and other voice and video ways. I recommend that you start using your personality and persuasive powers combined with your video highlights to get their stories out to coaches and recruiters who are also hunkered down right now. You never know what a positive impression can make and what’s the downside? There is none.

The first National D2 Showcase has been scheduled to take place in Pennsylvania on June 23 and we are proceeding as scheduled. The showcase is sold-out and we are now communicating with NCAA D2 coaches from every conference to let them know that every National D2 Showcase date and location has been filled to capacity and our plan is to proceed as originally scheduled.

During your time out of the classroom and off the lacrosse fields, it is important that you continue to do everything you can to improve your overall health and well-being.  You should be well-rested and prepared to perform at your best during the showcase.

  • Complete class assignments

  • Improve your nutrition

  • Exercise & workout

  • Practice to sharpen drills to improve fundamentals

  • Distance yourself from others and limit exposure

National D2 Showcase

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